Get Fit Mummy – Your thoughts needed?

Welcome to another week of Get Fit Mummy. I am hoping by sharing my progress, and how I am doing, and linking up with other bloggers, that we can all help, support and motivate each other.

This has not been a good week for me. I am going to be a wimp and blame part of it on girl hormones (I know, it’s a cop out, but OH MY GOSH, the water retention….!!) and also having landed myself a delightful sinus infection, I have not felt up to any exercise what so ever, so I have not been making much effort, because frankly my face hurts and I feel grotty.

I have not lost any weight, but have not gained any, and my sugar reduction campaign has been going well so far and I have literally managed a week of no juice, or cakes, or sweet stuff, other than a scone yesterday, made by a friend, until today, when I had a piece of shortbread, and I must admit, the sugar rush was there, and I felt really tired and groggy this afternoon, so it does show me that sugar isn’t the best thing to be putting into your body, or certainly  not in more than small amounts.

Anyway, this week, I want to pick your brains? I would like to try a safe, proven, and easy to use and not cost the earth eating plan, with some meal replacement. I don’t want to take tablets or anything that burns energy, ie diet pills (I have blogged about this before) but I would like to make my life easier over the next month or so in terms of feeding myself and meal planning, and ready made, or pre made meals or replacement meals might help? To be honest, I don’t have time to make salads, cart stuff around to work and back, and some days I am on the run between things, so sitting down and eating lunch is just not going to happen, so meals I can eat on the go, and also things I can prepare for evenings, that are easy, so I can feed myself, whilst cooking for the rest of the family, would help.

So, if you have some thoughts, please feel free to share. However, as usual, I won’t post comments selling diet pills or potions that may not be proven or safe. My blog is not a host for diet pill scammers. Thanks! 

If you would like to link up, grab the button, share your post and spread the word. Have a good week, and I hope to be back in normal mode next week and will share my weight loss update.

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  1. This can’t be done without carting stuff around with you. But you get used to it. Just have to be prepared. Backpack, small plastic containers or ziploc bags with snacks, berries, nuts, plain popcorn, apple, carrot sticks etc!!! (Just 2 snacks a day). Lunch eg. Salad with tuna and boiled egg/ I do seed roll with tuna or chicken ( easier on the run but will be better without carb). Water and herbal tea, avoid the coffees. And walk walk walk and climb stairs. If you have time 5x up and down that hill next to the play park in Richmond park. Easy bye bye 5kg. Oh …and bye bye wine…just 2 glasses on a fri.
    And exercising really loosens the gunk in the sinuses ! Obviously don’t exercise while you have acute flu, but secondary sinusitis ok to exercise. Night night.
    Oh ..and buy a Slow cooker/ crockpot and a recipe book called How to make love and dinner the same time ( seriously!)
    …then left overs into containers. …into microwave at work the next day. Easy.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I am now trying to walk everywhere, (which I do a lot, anyway, with not driving) but tried a run on Tues and my poor head was so sore, I gave up. Sinuses cleared up now, so I am off for a run later. Slow cooker is handy, we already use it, and I make leftovers for C but am not good at planning for myself (that’s a whole other blog post!!) but I need to start. No wine in the week, from now on, coffee I will try…. 😉

  2. Was just going to post the exact same advice! I do a meal plan for the week on a Sunday, makes it easier! I also tend to cook the next days dinner the night before so when we get in from work, school etc it just needs heating up. We just all eat the same though, I refuse to make different things and there is no reason for them not to eat healthy stuff too! Is there anywhere you can keep a supply of stuff at work so you maybe need to cart a decent amount on a Monday then just top up through the week? Good luck x

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