Song of the day….

Queen may feature on these posts. I am a big fan. This song always makes me a little emotional. Today was a little challenging for me. I filled out forms for pre assessment for the therapy my GP wants me to start to help with my anxiety. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do, but part of me would love to just be a child again, not to have to face grown up things, or try and work out how to live life better or to cope, but just be without any of the pressure of adult life. Of course, this is not possible, I know, and I am fine, and will be fine, and will come out from this stronger and better.

This song, sad, because you can see how ill Freddie was (in fact, it wasn’t finished, he was too ill to complete it, it was finished after he died) and sometimes a song with a touch of melancholy is just what is needed.

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