Mummy made us penguin masks!

So our school is participating in WOW week and one of the themes has been penguins. Mummy was slightly scared when she got a note in my school bag to say that I needed a penguin costume, and that my little brother needed a penguin mask. She says she isn’t very good at crafts!

She spent a bit of time looking on the internet, and on a place called Pinterest, and decided that even she could help us make a penguin mask.

So, she got card, glue, stick on eyes, and we got to work, and we cut, and we stuck and we made holes for eyes…



Not bad, we think… Pretty Penguin like?

Penguin Mask

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  1. Lucas says – High-5’s – these are the BEST penguin masks I have EVER seen. Your Mother’s done you proud 🙂
    Grace says – These are excellent – so penguin-like. We think your mum has done a great job. I hope you said thank you for all her hard work xxx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations
    The Mother’s say – these definitely do look like Penguins!!!! xx

  2. I LOVE this! I struggle with costumes too, I think you did a really great job! Thank heavens for Pinterest, ha!
    Thank you for helping me celebrate World Book Day by linking up to my special penguin linky!

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