Thank you!

I have not been around as much, and the blog has been a bit neglected, and I have taken what was a few days of a break, that has turned into more than that. I have posted the odd post, but not been on my usual form.

I was astounded this week, to learn that I had been nominated in the MAD blog awards for Mums and Dads) you can find out a bit, and see our nomination here. I have no idea who nominated me, whoever you are, THANK YOU! I would not have dreamed of entering, and I know we won’t win, but it meant so much to me, that anyone would think my blog was good enough to be nominated, amongst all the other amazing blogs out there.

Since coming back from Scotland, starting CBT and trying to get on with normal family life, I have felt a bit down, a bit out of things. Lots of things in my head, that I want to write about, but just haven’t had the energy to sit down, and start typing. I think dealing with grief, both old, and a new raw kind,  and some emotions from the trip, and starting the CBT therapy, and finally letting someone see the inner workings of my head (scary, frankly, painful, yes, but actually really, really helping me, it’s almost a relief to talk to someone and to be told that I am going to be OK, and I really am not utterly crackers!) and also adjusting to some good things that have happened to us personally, that have changed life a bit, have distracted me, and also given me a lot of things to think about.

So, if I have been a little quiet, it’s not permanent. I want to start up my fitness/weight loss blog posts again, I have lots of random ramblings, and a few rants to share, and some good recipes. I just am working myself up to getting back into the routine of writing, and making sure i have space and time to do it.

Normal service will resume, shortly. Watch this space!

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