Creative Kids – Framed!

Last week I shared about how we store artwork, that my children create.

This week, I wanted to show you a fabulous Penguin picture that Small Boy created at nursery, that I like so much, that I am planning to have it mounted and framed.

Creative kids2


I love how simple it is, but that you can see it’s penguins, and I have a soft spot for all things penguin related, anyway, and he made it with very little help, from school,  so it’s a perfect excuse to have it framed for everyone to see.

I have done the same with a piece of his sister’s work, that she created at school, when the topic was Kandinsky, and they had to come up with their own picture in his style.

Creativie Kids1

I think it will look brilliant, we just need to figure out which wall to hang it on, once it is in a nice frame….

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  1. Grace says – I LOVE penguins too and I think this is awesome. Worthy of framing and being hung pride of place. Loving sister’s work too. They are both so talented and so pleased they’re members of the GL Gang 🙂

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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