Goodbye iPhone….

Hello non app, no data, no internet, pretty much does calls and sms’s only phone!

For one whole week, I will be without my smart, does everything, pretty much runs my life “smart” phone.

Meet my new friend for the week. Nokia for blog project

I have been challenged to see if I can manage without my phone for a whole week. I use it for pretty much everything, but am still old enough to remember just having an old brick Nokia phone that literally did calls and sms and even before that, and not having a phone that ran my life for me. It is possible to manage without it, I just have to prove that I can.

So, my iPhone is off. I have to rely on bus time tables, check my mail and social media on my computer, I can’t use any of the apps that make my life “easy”. But, it will be good for me, and my family. I spend FAR too much time on my phone, so being without it this week, will be a healthy exercise in self control.

So, wish me luck. I will be updating my Facebook page every day, with how I get on, and will blog about my week, next week.

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  1. Good luck!!
    I have a really basic phone….Much like the one in the photo! No internet, camera and not even predictive text on it….You’ll survive x

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