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Well, to be honest, I don’t LOVE homework. I struggle with trying to make sure the kids get it done on time (yes, even Small Boy has a little bit of work to do each week, usually colouring or simple letter work) and it feels like more stuff that we have to “do” on top of our busy lives. But, I do like it in a way, because it is nice to see what they are doing at school, and also to help them, and work with them.

Currently Big Girl has numeracy homework, which I gulp and take a breath before I open it, because one day, I KNOW I won’t be able help her or make head or tail of what she has to do (maths is a weaker area,  of mine 😉 ) reading a reading book,  nightly, and also something called The Big Question. The class is given a question, which can vary from “who was Nelson Mandela?” to “what are the polar ice caps like?” and they are supposed to do a bit of research and reading and then do a little bit of writing and an drawing, or stick pictures.
Big Girl LOVES this bit of her homework, and I will say, we have had fun looking up things on the internet, reading, getting grandparents to send pictures and information to help out and it is helping her to learn. Sometimes it is hard to get the balance right, of my not helping her too much, and getting her to think and write for herself, particularly if it’s a tough topic (we had an interesting chat on apartheid and Nelson Mandela, when that was the homework) but we try to work around that.

Because she is having an operation next week, to remove her tonsils and adenoids, she will be off school for two weeks, and when I asked the teacher if she wanted to send home any work, for when BG is feeling up to it, she told me not to worry, and that she could just rest and relax. Most kids would be delighted at two weeks off, no homework, but not my child. She is most disappointed to have no work to do, she certainly doesn’t get that from me!

I love that she is enthusiastic, and enjoys being creative, even with her school work. Long may it stay that way, and I enjoy helping and encouraging her. (Daddy puts in his end too, usually more with the maths though….)

This was her last weeks work, on Polar Ice Caps and what they are like. You can see some very artistic attempts at penguins and polar bears. She was awarded a merit for her work, and was very proud.

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  1. Grace says – Well done Big Girl on some very awesome work. I hope you got some gold stars for it.

    All at KidGLloves (including Ash the Dog) says – Good Luck with the operation Big Girl. Feel Better soon.

    Lucas says – If Big Girl gets to keep the tonsils, could they be her next #minicreations???

    The Mothers say – LUCAS!!!! Don’t be disgusting!!!

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Ha ha, I told her she could ask if they would let her keep her tonsils and adenoids to show her friends at school, and she was utterly horrified!! She has said she might write about her operation and how it all felt and went, though.

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