Creative Kids – First Violin Concert

I must apologise for the blurry photos. I have no idea how to cut or crop other people out of photos, and all my pictures had her class mates or other members of the orchestra in, and I don’t share photos of other people’s children, so the shots are not great, or very clear, but you can see the concentration on her face. She sticks her tongue out, like her Dad when she is concentrating, and she did really well, performing at her first concert, at the school for some of the parents. I was very proud. I was equally proud of her little brother, who despite being tired, hungry and a bit grumpy after a day at nursery, sat mostly quietly through the 30 minutes and clapped enthusiastically at the end of each piece, although he did ask rather loudly, at the end “are they done yet? I want a cake, now” (they had tea and cake for us all afterwards)

WWViolin collageThat’s my creative kids outlet for the week. Big Girl is recovering from her surgery, and I am trying to keep up with looking after her, keeping the house vaguely tidy (ha, that is a joke) and also maintain the blog, and work. Hopefully we will be doing some creative cooking for Easter next week, which I can share about, once she is feeling much better.

Mini Creations

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  1. wow i always wanted to learn to play the violin but never got round to it, what a beautiful instrument to learn to play.

    Hope she is feeling ok this morning hone?

    p.s re cropping .. i use the free site ribbet

  2. Grace says – This is awesome and definitely one of my favourite #minicreations. Well Done lil’ dudette on a fab achievement.
    Lucas says – XL MEGA High-5’s to you – this is truly awesome

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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