Time out, then more time out…?

Time out

So, I took a bit of a mini break, last week, after writing my post on perspective. I have to admit, it has been nice to have time away from e-mail, a slightly less presence on social media (ahem, I can’t quite give that up) and also to not have to worry about blogging.

We all go back to a normal routine tomorrow, work, school, nursery.

I am trying to get my head round what our routine should be. How much of my own time I dedicate to the things I do. How much time I put into extra things for work, blogging, and social media. When I should be doing these things. Spending time with my children is my first priority, and to be honest, trying to work, with them around, most of the time is a big, fat fail. I am working on what I do and what I prioritise.

I have lots of stuff I want and need to write (reviews and posts for other people) and it’s bothering me that I am not organised and that I haven’t been able to figure out how to manage things. Fortunately, this little blog isn’t financially contributing to the household budget in a massive way right now, so I can be a bit more relaxed, but I don’t want to loose momentum.

So, in short, this week is an extended break for me. I will be sharing old blog posts, on our Facebook page, a post scheduled for tomorrow, and do have a Ranty Friday post all ready to go, but other than that, it will be time out this week, for the blog, so I can plan, and get my head together. I hopefully will be back, in full force next week.

I know it is manageable, I just don’t seem to have sussed it out yet, and would like to do the things I do well, and not feel like I am letting one thing drop to do another thing.

I would love to hear how other bloggers who work, have families and also write blog posts regularly manage? If you have any suggestions please shout, I am keen for input.



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