Emma’s Army – Walking together to beat cancer!

Cancer, and raising money towards research that will find treat and sure it, or eventually how to prevent it, is a cause close to my heart. I have lost friends and family to the disease in it’s many malevolent forms and I have friends fighting to beat it, now.

I have written about Emma, from Crazy With Twins, before, when a whole group of bloggers got together to write posts for her, in a campaign called Shoulder to Shoulder to support, and cheer her up, when she was recovering from her recent treatment for her cancer, which meant she had to be in isolation, and away from her beloved family. You can read her story here, and about her treatment.

Emma has had a really tough time recently. She beat cancer, when she was a child, but in recent times,  not only has she had a difficult pregnancy with her twins, suffering from HELLP syndrome, but when they were a year old, she faced and has been fighting thyroid cancer, and all the treatments that has entailed, and in the past few weeks,  she has also struggled with a pregnancy loss, after being diagnosed and treated for an ectopic pregnancy, from which she is still recovering. This has all been incredibly hard to deal with, a roller coaster of a journey with lots of ups and downs, and she has been so brave, and I reckon far tougher,  stronger and forward facing about it all, than I could be. I admire her, very much, and she’s also a mum, which makes me want to support her even more as a  mother, myself.

She has already beaten cancer once, and is beating it again. We want to help her, and one of the ways she has asked people to help is to raise money by doing a sponsored walk. She has mustered up Emma’s Army and the plan is to do a walk, along the Costwold Way, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

I can’t walk the walk, sadly. I have a damaged knee, and other family commitments during that time, and I am really sad that I can’t be there in person. So, instead, I am trying to raise awareness of what Emma and her army are doing, and promote the walk, and how you lovely people, who read my blog, can help.

When? 15th – 24th May 2014.

What? The walk is 104 Miles, along the Cotswold Way. Groups of, or individual bloggers are going to walk sections of it, with Emma who is going to walk the whole 104 miles, herself, and she is hoping to raise £20,000. This seems like a lot, but in reality is a drop in the ocean when you think about how much treatment, and research into cancer costs. Every little helps, and each donation will be very much appreciated. 

How to help? You can donate to Emma’s Army by clicking here. You can also share my blog post, and also find more information on Emma’s Army and share her blog post, on social media, blog pages or anywhere you think will help. 

If you would like to see the route you can check here or you can like Emma’s Army Facebook page, and help spread the word. 

We’ve sponsored her, and I will be tweeting and sharing news and updates on the walk and progress, and cheering her and all the other walkers on, all the way. If you make a donation, you are really helping towards a good cause, for Emma, and for many, many others who are trying to beat cancer. 

 I'm part of #EmmasArmy

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  1. I’m one of the people who is walking, but it’s great to see others supporting it too. Hopefully it will really raise awareness (and cash!) if lots of people are getting the message out there. Thanks.

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