No make up for a month?


I have written about my appearance, loosing weight, trying to dress more nicely, on this blog, before.

One thing I struggle with, in terms of appearance, is make up. Wearing make up, base, foundation, blusher, mascara, all that stuff. I hate it. I hate the time it takes to put on, I hate the fact that no matter what I spend or how I apply it, it all seems to slide off, within a few hours, because I am one of those people who cannot look freshly made up and immaculate, no matter how hard I try and most of the time, I find my skin feels worse, clogged and oily, if I wear make up. I also have very pale skin, which means finding a shade of foundation that doesn’t make me look like I have permtanned myself badly, is challenging and I am allergic to most mascaras, except of course the more expensive ones on the market, and no matter how hard I try, my attempts at blusher leave me looking like a beetroot or like I am going for the Mary Poppins rosy cheeked effect, neither particularly attractive, I think.

I have tried lots of make ups, brands, types, I have had professional make up trials, I have used make up other people swear by. I hate the feel of stuff on my face. I don’t mind mascara or a little bit of under eye shadow concealer, but the rest, blah, I don’t like it. I don’t think it improves my appearance that much, or enhances anything.

So, the other day, on a whim, I decided, after trying to put make up on, in the car, on the way somewhere (and that is also something I fail at, too, I have never been able to do this, without risking poking myself in the eye, or getting lipstick everywhere) because we were in a rush, that I don’t have to, or need to wear make up. My skin is passable, it could do with improving, but I don’t have any serious skin issues that would need covering, so I can get away without it.

I did a quick survey on Facebook last night, and was surprised at how many people said they don’t wear make up, because they don’t like the feel, or can’t be bothered with the effort, or that they wear minimal make up, or only occasionally. This spurred me on.

So, I am giving it a month, no make up, not a dollop of foundation, or a dab of mascara will touch my face. I still plan to use skin care, and need to work out how what to do if I need sunscreen (I usually use a base with an SPF) too.

The benefits of not wearing make up:

  • I am hoping that by not putting anything on my skin, the oiliness in certain areas will improve, and clear up.
  • I have less to do, to get ready in the morning, or whenever I am getting ready. That can’t be a bad thing
  • Better on the budget. I have just run out of base, foundation, so won’t be spending any money on that this month
  • My skin can breathe and not get sweaty and messy with make up on

The down side to not wearing make up:

  • When I get the odd spot or two (ahem, thank you hormones) because my skin is SO pale, they are very visible, and make me feel self conscious. I do use a cover up, for such zit induced crisis, but won’t be for a month. If you see me wearing a veil, or a mask, you know why… (only kidding of course)
  • I do look tired and a bit haggard, so I will miss my under eye concealer and the ancient tin of bronzer I use to perk my skin up. Maybe if I am really good, and drink more water and get more sleep, the shadows under my eyes will go away…
  • My eyelashes and eye brows are fair, to ginger. Mascara is one thing I like, to add more definition. I am thinking of getting them dyed, I don’t think that’s cheating too much.

Just to be clear, I am making no judgment about wearing make up, or why people choose to, nor am I making any sweeping feminist moves by declaring the next 3o days make up free. I just don’t like wearing the stuff, and think I can manage without it, I will be back in 30 days to update and share how I get on.

If you have gone make up free, or don’t like wearing make up, I would love to hear from you, why and what works for you.




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  1. I can’t wait to see how you get on – when I was working in an office I wouldn’t have left the house without at least BB cream, powder and mascara, now I’m looking after children I’m happy to go bare-faced 9 times out of 10 πŸ™‚

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