All change, again!

So there are some changes afoot, with the blog, and also in my own life, in terms of how I spend my time.

The blog is going to become a website. A lovely friend of mine, who is a technical whiz, with an eye for making blogs and sites look good, has been helping me, and is currently working away on a new design and look. A lot of what is here will stay the same, there will still be the blog, but as I move forward with making blogging and writing more of what I do, we want to have more specific sections for what we want to share. I want to concentrate on adding a really good section for cooking and feeding a family with food intolerances. I would love to find a sponsor or someone to work in partnership with, in this but that is a huge step, and I am still working all the ins and outs of how I go about this.

It’s no secret that we would like to add a 3rd small human to our already mad world. I will be blogging about trying to get pregnant, (don’t worry, there will be no TMI, I promise, my in laws and own Dad read this blog, there are some things that don’t need to be shared!) and if we are successful, I am sure I will have lots to say on pregnancy and birth.

I am also hoping to host lots of guest posts, on many topics, as well as fun give-aways and reviews.

The new look Mad House of Cats and Babies will be tidier, work faster, and hopefully will be easy to use and enjoy.

I am also making some changes in my own life, how and when I work, trying to make sure I am not so busy on social media, when I should be spending time with my children, organising my working hours, more effectively, so I can write, but not be up til 2am in the process. Once Little Man is at school, this will be easier. It’s more juggling, but I need to keep the different bits of life separate. Sometimes they all meld, and it’s good, sometimes it’s a mess.

So that’s it. Change ahead. It’s all good.

Oh, and if anyone knows of a sponsor for a blog like ours, please feel free to send them my way πŸ˜‰


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