A tongue twister diagnosis for the knee

So we have a diagnosis, and it’s a tongue twister diagnosis, for the knee…


That has caused me a lot of pain, for nearly two years, and has progressively got worse, in the past year, despite physiotherapy, rest and ice/heat treatment. I recently had an MRI, after my GP decided that enough was enough, and it wasn’t getting better, and today, I have been told that it looks like some cartilage damage.

The good news is, that the physio and rest (ahem, what rest?I hear you ask as those of you that know me, know that I don’t really do rest) has helped with the ligament damage, that was also causing me issues, but the bad news is that I am off to see an Orthopaedic surgeon, a knee specialist in fact, to see what he thinks he can do for my poor knee. My GP strongly suspects surgery will be needed, to repair and clear out the damaged area.

Whilst I am not thrilled at the thought of surgery, I am over being in pain, not being able to exercise, not being able to enjoy my beloved dance classes, or run, of coming away from my day job, with a sore, swollen knee, and having to take pain relief, or apply ice and spray to ease the pain. I am over not being able to kneel down, or sit cross legged, or chase after a certain Little Man, when he legs it, down the road, on his scooter. I cannot sit around waiting for it to sort itself, and by all accounts it won’t. The specialist may say surgery isn’t needed, but I guess we shall see what he thinks, when I see him. I just want a normal knee, no pain, and to be able to get on with life. Pain makes me grumpy, too, which is not fun, for me or my friends or family.

So, if you like tongue twisters, say “Large flap tear of the retropatellar cartilage” a few times fast. I am still trying, and Big Girl wants to know “why is there a propeller in your knee Mummy? Is that why it hurts..?”


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