Climb a volcano….?

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I have always joked that I would like to climb a volcano one day, I happen to have a bit of a thing for all things volcanic, and I would love to see one in real  life, and last night over dinner, LSH and I were talking, and I had a moan about my age, and feeling like I needed “something”, then the idea came to me, and I blurted out…

” I don’t want a party or anything like that for my 40th birthday. Let’s plan a family holiday, the year I turn 40, go to Italy or Sicily and I can try and walk up or climb one of the volcanoes….”

He took a big swig from his wine glass, smiled at me and said “ok, if that’s what you would like, then lets do it!”

This past weekend, was my 38th birthday. I must confess, I have been feeling a little sorry for myself, and a bit middle aged and miserable. 40, for some reason, two years away, seems like a rather unbearable milestone. I don’t know why. I have so many friends who have graciously and gracefully slid into their 40’s, still look ten years younger, and seem to cope. I feel like I need soemthing, a target, or a goal, to achieve, so I can celebrate my 40th birthday with triumph.

And so the plan, a seed in my mind is taking place.

We have two options and some obstacales to “climb” over, to get there.

We could go to Italy, and stay near Mount Etna, and take a tour bus around the bottom of the volcano, and then explore the parts where visitors are allowed, as a family,  or two, which is my current preferred option, is a holiday on the island of Stromboli, itself, then I would make the trek to the top of the volcano, at night. I would do this alone, as the children wouldn’t be able to, they would stay with LSH.

This will be hard work, I will need to get pretty fit, and be in shape. It’s a 3000 feet walking ascent, on rough terrain, not for the faint hearted, then coming down in the dark, after a time at the top crater. Of course, all of this depends on safety, and if the volcano is regarded as stable enough. You are not allowed to climb up without a trained guide, so I will be with other people, also with the same mission in mind.

One, my knee is badly damaged, and next week, I go to see a surgeon, to decide what we need to do, to get it sorted. I plan to say to him “dear nice doctor, I want to climb a volcano for my 40th birthday, please can you fix my knee, so I can do that?” and we will go from there.

Two, somewhere, in the next few months, after my knee is fixed, we would like to try for a 3rd baby. Getting pregnant, and having a baby will mean I won’t be able to train as hard for a period of time, to get myself fit and in shape. Also, travelling with a small baby has it’s challenges. This is something we will have to face.

I know, it sounds utterly insane. 40 year old woman wants to climb a volcano for her birthday. Most poeple have a big party, buy an expensive ppeice of jewellary, or go soemwhere glaourous for their 40th, or choose not to celebrate it all, in denial. Me, I am excited at the challenge of getting in shape, and tackling a firey mountain. I have never been one to follow the crowd…. 😉

So, I am starting to make plans. Researching where to stay, what I need to do to get fit enough for a steep walk/climb, in a humid climate. When is best to go, and whether we stay on the island near the volcano, or somewhere else. Of course, factoring in the knee and a potential baby as well.


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 I can do this, I really want to. I am also considering making it a fund raising event, seeing if people will sponsor or donate money, towards a charity, if I achieve this. Make it not only about me, and wanting to do something amazing, but also raise some money as well.

So, watch this space, I am going to climb a volcano….

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  1. You would actually be surprised at how much training you can do while pregnant! I have a pregnant friend who is running & lifting pretty heavy weights! Given, she was in quite good shape before hand, but it is possible to eat well, exercise, and have a healthy baby. I will say though if you are determined you WILL make it happen! I am a fitness junkie so I know the determination that comes with wanting something like this! Good luck to you…I hope you continue to blog about the progress of planning this, I’d love to see your success!

  2. wow Karen what a double whammy of fantasticness!! we are in the 3rd baby camp right now and hoping to think about trying late this year.

    Fingers crossed for both of these epically fantastic things!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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