Am I wrong? Ofsted Job Nominations

Am I wrong to think that a person who has donated a vast amount of money to the conservative party, who has limited experience of actually working in schools, and ran Carphone Warehouse as his last major job role, is NOT a suitable candidate for the job of being in charge of the team at Ofsted?


david ross

 (Being in charge of the school’s inspection system is NOT the same as running a mobile phone company! Photo source – The Times)

Seriously? Cronyism at it’s finest? You scratch our back, pad out our coffers and we will give you a job working for the loathsome Michael Gove…? You haven’t actually worked in a school, you aren’t a teacher, or former teacher, or head teacher, and whilst you have helped to fund a string of academy schools, and claim to be “passionate” about education, I hardly think that makes you qualified to run the group of people that inspects and sets the standards for schools in England.

Let’s not go into how appalling the customer service and general service at Carphone Warehouse was, and that you don’t exactly have a squeaky clean record there for financial dealings, as well as some other dubious things in your past business and private dealings, yet they want to put you in charge of what rules are set and what happens in our schools and decisions around what schools are shut, inspected, praised or raised to the ground…?

The more I hear about what  this government and it’s cronies seem to want to do (ahem, trash) our education system in this country, the more I feel that home-schooling is a tempting option.

Why isn’t someone who has taught in schools, worked with teachers, and head teachers, been a head in several schools, worked in problem and excellent schools, and knows, understands and wants to actually help the system in sensible ways being considered? Are we really that desperate that we need to put a bloke who has basically paid a lot of money into the Conservative Party is our best option.

I despair, really I do…

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