Our week in photos – ballet, sports day, cake, zoo….

Welcome to our week in photos. Usually a rather eclectic collection of snapshots from our week via Instagram and our Facebook page

We have had a very busy week, with school sports day, ballet exams, trips to the zoo, the arrival of much coveted by certain small boy’s Octonaut toys, and lots of little bits in between.

July13thPhotoweek5 July13thPhotoweek2

The usual mix of food, cake (Big Girl made her first cake, with minimal help from me, it was GOOD!) coffee, and general chaos….

July13thPhotoweek1 July13thPhotoweek6

My passport FINALLY came back, and we now waiting for the children’s to arrive. I think the people at various passport offices round the UK feel slightly stalked, as we have been calling them, ahem, fairly frequently, to chase up the whereabouts of the aforementioned little red books. Today we heard they are in the “final process” check, so hopefully will be with us soon. I have to say the passport office people have been polite, helpful and very apologetic for the chaos that has been caused with the massive backlog and delay.


That’s a tube of neosporin, the most handy ointment. My brother in law, and a friend have very kindly supplied me with a stash, as you cannot buy it in the UK. I also realised this week, that child safety locks are not designed for left handed parents, when my 4 year old rather helpful secured a cupboard by himself….


We also had a fun trip to London Zoo, this weekend, yes, that’s a spider, sorry, she was rather beautiful, I couldn’t resist taking a shot of her and the gorilla was picking his nose, rather charmingly!

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  1. vicious circle with the passport office, cos they are so far behind people phone them-as they are dealing with hundreds more phone calls in a day they are not producing as many passports…….but glad you have got yours sorted.
    Im sorry but a spider is NEVER “rather beautiful” imo, just make my skin crawl.
    You have had a busy week, and well done Big Girl that cake looks lovely.

  2. Lovely busy interesting week. Hope you don’t mind me saying but your photos lovely though they are are rather small so I cannot appreciate them in their full glory! Can you make them bigger next week????? Might be just me I am getting old…

    • Not at all. My computer was having a total meltdown and I ended up having to use my IPad which to do this blog post and I couldn’t get the photos to size nicely, they ended up like that, I hoping next weeks effort will be better size wise! Sorry they aren’t very big. Sometimes technology is more of a pain than it’s useful!

  3. Looks like you had a busy but very fun week 🙂
    Love the shot of the bun, think girls look so pretty with their hair tied back.l x

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