Get Fit Mummy – Dieting when on holiday?

This Get Fit Mummy is a short and sweet one this week. I am going away on holiday, this coming weekend, so won’t be hosting the linky, for two weeks, as I am planning to take some time away from work, including blogging.


I haven’t lost any weight this week, but I am blaming hormones (ahem, you know what I mean) and we will leave it at that… 😉

I have, however, been carrying out my torture (sorry, of course I mean exercises) for my knee, much to my children’s amusement. Apparently Mummy messing about with strethy tape and an exervise ball is hilariously funny. But, it does seem to be helping a bit, and the pain post exercise is easing. Lets hope we can ward off the surgery and carry on with physiotherapy to rehabiltate the knee.

I wanted to have an open post, and ask the question..

Do you carry on dieting whilst on holiday? Or do you skip it and make up for it when you get home? Or do you take a middle ground? A little indulgence, but not going mad and eating everything that’s on offer?

I am planning to try and be good, but enjoy the odd treat. We are going to where Roquefort cheese is made, apparently. I don’t think I could not try some.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment.

The linky will be back in three weeks time.

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  1. If your diet is a lifestyle change, then yes it continues on holiday. Just make better choices so – fish OR chips, not both. Hope I’m making sense here lol, it’s too hot to think straight haha! I’m going to blackpool for a week straight after my 1 month diet chef trial ends. I’ll not go nuts on ice cream, rock, burgers etc but I won’t deprive myself of the odd treat. I guess “dieting” has taught me I can get by on smaller portions and I don’t have to eat til I’m fit to bursting 🙂 xx

  2. It’d be a crime to not try the cheese while you’re there!
    I’m a bit middle ground, I do try and make better choices while I’m on holiday but I don’t deprive myself. I also make sure I do lots of walking to get rid of the extra calories I’m taking in

  3. I’m with Alice on this one. I’m definitely more of a middle ground. You’re on holiday so give yourself a bit of a treat, but wherever possible just try to stay on track! Have a great holiday and thanks for linking up with Twice the Mum.

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