Just me – I am not used to doing nothing…

This holiday has been interesting, for the first time in a long time, I have taken some time off, from a lot of the daily routine that keeps me busy and have had time to do things IF I want to, or to do nothing, if I want to. Doing nothing, and not being busy is a strange concept for me.

Of course, a holiday with children is not entirely about doing nothing, because they are still little and need entertaining, feeding and some mild supervision, but it is far more relaxing than being at home, because apart from mealtimes (and I enjoy cooking so I don’t mind, even when on holiday) and the occasional trip to explore local attractions, I have been doing an awful lot of nothing.

Ok, so that is not entirely true. I have been doing some things. I don’t actually do “doing nothing” very well. I like to have something to occupy my hands, and also my very busy brain. But the difference with being on holiday, and being at home or work is that you can choose what you do to keep minds and hands busy.

So what exactly have I be doing?

An awful lot of reading… I have, so far this past week and a bit, managed to read 5 books. This is a forgotten pleasure for me. I have been lax with my reading. I normally try and fail to switch my brain off with my phone, pottering about on social media, or my blog. With limited access to the internet, in the evenings, I have re discovered my love of reading and have thoroghly enjoyed this series on the War of The Roses by Philippa Gregory. A group of five books, with a new one coming out soon, detailing the lives, romances, alliances, and mysteries of a part of history that has always interested me.

I have also re started a few knitting projects. Knitting is something I love to keep my hands busy, as well as being productive. Knitting is therapeutic and also a handy way to make little gifts for friends. My preferred projects are small items of baby clothing. I am currently working on a cardigan, and hat, using Debbie Bliss’s basic pattern book as a guide. I wasn’t actually prepared to do as much knitting as I have managed so it’s been interesting trying to do the tricky knitting bits without my usual knitting bag of kit, but I have managed quite well and by the end of this week will have completed both items ready for sewing up when we get home.

I am quite pleased with myself, rediscovering some simple things, that keep me busy, but aren’t stressful or demanding. I am hoping that once I get back to London, that I can keep up with these old, but suddenly new found hobbies. A little less social media and a lot more reading, can’t be a bad thing, can it?

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