Just me – The knee…


This week has not been good. We got back from holiday, feeling all refreshed and happy, and ready to get on with normal life, only to have a few curve-balls thrown our way.

I am feeling like our holiday was a million years ago. I am tired, and on the verge of a little blue.

I went to a routine physiotherapy appointment on Tuesday to be told that a minor slip/trip had likely caused me to fracture my patella (my knee cap). I was a bit astounded by this, as I would have assumed it would have been painful and not possible for me to get on with normal life, but apparently I have a high pain threshold, and have been been coping and it is possible to get around and walk, with a fracture like this. It has been more sore than normal, but I thought that it was just because of the very minor slip, and also because I have been walking around a lot, and back to normal routine, with the children.

Apparently, the worst case scenario is an operation to pin the damaged area back in place, clean out the already damaged cartilage whilst they are in there, re align my knee cap (which is out of place) and then put me in a brace for 4-6 weeks. If there is a fracture, then this will be happening next week.

The other option, he said was that I could have what is called a bi partite patella, which means my knee cap is actually naturally split into two pieces and has been all along, but that now I have soft tissue and tendon damage around it. The bi partite patella brings a whole heap of new issues and problems for my already damaged knee, so really, neither option is a happy one.

I am fed up. I am annoyed, I am in a fair amount of pain, all the time. Walking is painful, climbing stairs is painful, kneeling is agony, I can’t sit cross legged. If one of the children climbs over or bashes that knee, it’s sore. I am over having a knee injury, not being able to exercise, and basically of not being able to function normally.

I feel like an old lady, who knees a knee replacement.

I have had several bouts of tears, this week, partly from pain, partly from frustration. A family day out tomorrow has to be cancelled because I get to spend the day having x-rays, and scans and seeing a specialist to decide what the next step is.

I am really hoping for a minor miracle and that there is neither a fracture, or a bi partite patella when they examine me tomorrow.

I just want my knee to get better. It’s been over a year now, and it’s making me miserable.

Yes, this is a pity party post, yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. Yes, I will pull myself together, and if I need surgery, or have some freaky condition that only 1% of the population has, then I will get over it and we will get on, but right now, I am tired, in pain, and it’s my blog, so I’ll whine about my knee if I want to.

Normal blogging service will resume on Sunday. I am taking time off over the next 48 hours to get this knee looked at, and shake myself out of this mini funk…

This was a whiny post about my knee, brought to you by Voltarol, valium,  knee tape, and an endless supply of ice packs…


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