You can hear us coming with our Mini Hornits….

My children are avid cyclists and frequent users of their scooters and are pretty fast on all sets of wheels. As a parent, them having fun, but being safe, and keeping other people around them safe, is a big priority. We insist on helmet wearing for both scooters and when cycling on their bikes, and we also like to have good lights.

We like things that keep us safe on our bikes and scooters and Mini Hornit is a great accessory. This is a light/sound horn for bikes and scooters, perfect for children.


The ultimate light and sound effects accessory for kids (and big kids!). It has a 12 lumen bike light and produces 25 fun sound effects kids love, from bells and horns to vehicles and animals.  12 lumen white light

12 lumen green light

25 fun sounds

remote trigger

wings clip on to fit any bike or scooter 

IP33 (shower proof)

The Mini Hornit fits very easily onto a bike handlebars or the bars on scooters. As you can see in this little demo video, it slips on easily and is very easy to use.

The children LOVE the different noises that the Mini Hornit can make, ranging from animal sounds to musical. Little Man likes the lion noise and the race car noise, Big Girl likes the Mexican music tones, and the loud horn noise, and I personally like the elephant sound. They are loud, and you can certainly hear us coming, when we are out on our bikes and scooters. I think having a horn on a scooter, and also a bike, for children riding on the pavement, is vital. I am not one of those parents who lets their children scoot like mad racing car drivers, but sometimes it’s a good thing that they are able to let people in front of them know they are coming, for everyone’s safety. So far, no one has grumbled at us, when we have hooted or tooted, using the Mini Hornet, in fact quite a few people have been amused, or said what a good idea they are, and asked where to get them.

With autumn arriving and the days getting shorter, and soon, darker earlier, the light on the Mini Hornit is ideal, for the ride home from school or to after school classes or home from playdates or out of school activities. Bikes on the road need to have lights to be seen clearly, children on bikes or scooters on the pavement should be visible and well lit, not just for their own safety and ability to see, but so other people can see them coming too. They are also useful for riding in our local woods, and down some of the copses and alleyways we occasionally venture down when out and about. It helps the children to be safer, when riding their bike or scooters, and encourages them to warn other people they are coming, and think about other people around them, on the pavements.

They are light, easy to fit, and pretty durable, and easy to use where small fingers are concerned. Ours has an attachment so it can be used on both sides of the handlebars, with either hand. As you can see, Little Man has worked out how to use it, and enjoyed giving me a demonstration of it’s range of sounds.

So, if you are looking for a bike horn and light, this winter, for a child’s bike, or scooter, we would say that the Mini Hornit is a good option. They are sturdy, and good value for money, as well as being fun and practical. You can certainly hear and see us coming, and I like it that way…

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