This boy…


Starts school tomorrow. He is ready. His mummy isn’t sure that she is ready. She knows it has to happen, she knows she needs to let go, but all she can think is “my baby, who needed me so much, is going to be out there on his own”. She knows she’s being emotional, she knows it’s normal to feel this way, and that even though she has done this whole starting school thing before, that this is is still hard. This relationship she has with her little boy is deep and complex, and she feels like she won’t have as much of a part to play in his life, now he is going into the big wide world of school and beyond.

Tomorrow is a big day, for one very excited little boy, who could barely go to sleep tonight and for us. This time last year, starting nursery seemed like such a huge milestone. Now, cleared and discharged by Speech Therapy, he starts a new adventure. He is ready, we know he is. All the fears, anxieties and trepidation are beside the point now, and we will deal with any issues that come up when and if they do.

He is ready, I am not, but it will be OK. Just bear with this slightly weepy Mummy for a few days, while she adjusts to having two children in school. I have promised myself I won’t cry when I send him off, LSH is coming with us, to prop me up and send his boy off on his first day. Wish us luck, and send me some tissues for my bus trip to work afterwards.

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