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This week has been really quite on the blogging front. I took a few days off, and have really not written or shared much. I wanted to spend some time with Little Man before he started school, on Thursday, and was feeling quite sore and emotional about it and didn’t want to bog the blog down with my tearful ramblings about my baby starting school. Little Man, needless to say, has enjoyed his two days at school, so far, and is keen to be back on Monday. He loves his new teacher, and has made a new little friend already, who he wants to bring home for tea, in fact, wanted to bring him home on the first day, so it’s all good and I am happy and relieved. He does look very small walking in with his bag, by himself, but we have had no tears (ok, so I did shed a few, once he had gone) and we will wait and see how he copes with full time school, I am still waiting to see, if he needs to go part time, to be able to cope and process things, or if he will manage full time and my worries will be unfounded. He usually surprises me, so we will give him a few weeks to adjust.

I did share a little of how I was feeling, on this boy starting school and also a lovely poem by Emma from Motherhood for Slackers  which I am sure a lot of mother’s sending their little boys off to school for the first time, can relate too (she has a great blog by the way, go check her out) and we also posted a review on the Mini Hornits which we have been trying out, with great gusto, for the past few weeks.

What we’ve been doing…?

Not much to be honest, I have had more input on my knee, and now await a final MRI to confirm if I need surgery or not, that is, if I can get my nose stud (which is proving very stubborn about coming out) out, in time for the scan, wish me luck with that, and it’s been a normal working week.

Big Girl managed to break her toe (don’t ask, let’s just say she was cross, and kicked a wardrobe door whilst stomping off in a strop, unusual for her, but she is tired after being back at school) but she is getting about and managed to play cricket and touch rugby this week, and is enjpyng both sports, and we had to whisk Jasper off to the vet because he suddenly became very lethargic and off his food, and was sick. Diagnosis was a gastro type bug, or food poisoning, and he is now on the mend but I can you that cleaning up after a cat’s stomach bug is much worse than cleaning up a humans. Cat’s don’t run to the bathrrom when they feel sick, if you know what I mean…. 😉

What we are watching….?

I am enjoying watching a TV series called Hotel India, by the BBC, about the Taj Hotel, a grand palace, where the wealthy stay, in Mumbai, which is fascinating, and sad at the same time, when you see how much money people spend, yet the abject poverty around the hotel. I don’t watch a lot of TV but another series by the BBC has hit my radar and I find it oddly fascinating. My choice of reality TV programmes is ecclecitic I know, but I really like Motorway, Life in the Fast Lane, which is about the lives of the men and women who keep certain motorways running accross the UK. I am weird, I know.

Blogs I have found this week….?

I LOVE this pancake recipe from Mummy Tries, and think I might try it out on our family for our pancake Saturdays. It’s grain free, sugar free and has courgette in it so it has lots of added goodness.

This recipe made with celeriac to make coleslaw, over at Franglaise Cooking, caught my eye, and I think I might also give it a try this week, too, I LOVE coleslaw and have never really tried anything with celeriac before.

We might have entered a giveaway for a Gruffalo mobile Games app, over on Kate on Thin Ice’s Blog, this week, too. If you or your kids love the Gruffalo, I would say to go and enter too…

That’s pretty much our week. If you would like you can catch up on the madness of Our Week In Photos too.

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