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If you ask my long suffering husband, otherwise known as LSH, he will tell you I am a movie-book purist. Nothing annoys me more than when a book is made into a movie and then the plot is either tweaked or changed to the point where it it is nothing like the original book.

This past weekend, we watched Angels & Demons, the film based on the book written by Dan Brown.

LSH can tell you, that I pretty much ranted all the way through the film, about how much has been changed and edited or made different. I really am NO fun to watch films with. However, I did enjoy the original book, so decided to pull it up to my Kindle, and have another read, and it was as good as I remember. I didn’t enjoy Angela & Demons as much, when I first read it, so was surprised how much I liked this book. I am not usually an avid reader of adventure/mystery/fantasy type books but do like Dan Brown and his style. I grew up in the Catholic church, so I do have some idea of what he talks about in the book, but some of it is fascinating. Of course, none of the story is actually true, there’s a fair amount of creative licence happening, but that doesn’t stop his books being interesting and generally a good read for me!

The children are enjoying the first book in the Olga Da Polga series. I read these as a child and loved them, and now I am being pestered to get us a Guinea Pig… (not sure it would like the cats!) and both of them love the stories. Big Girl likes to read to her little brother, or I read to them both. I feel quite old, reading stories from my childhood to MY own children, but I am trying to get over that! 😉 It’s a lovely set of books, well worth the price, and ideal for my children at their ages, and I am reading them myself, before I let the children read each book, bringing back good memories of enjoying reading as a child.

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