“A queue: chiefly British A line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed” – Oxford English Dictionary.


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NOTHING annoys me more than when I have waited patiently, in a line, usually with a child or two, in tow, for my turn, to either get something, get on something (public transport) or be served in a shop, and someone decides that they are more important than me, and the rest of the people in front or behind me, and them, and pushes in, and wants to have their needs met, because they can’t wait.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not mean, or rude. If there is someone who should get priority, I was taught manners, and I will of course, let them go in front of me (small children who are potty training and don’t have the bladder control of adults, in a long toilet queue, old ladies getting on buses, etc) but if you push in front of me for no good reason, other than you think you must be served first, because frankly, your mother failed to teach you manners, or you think you are better than the rest of us, then I am going to say something, and point out your rudeness (and yes, I will blog about you too!)

Really people. We are all going somewhere, collecting children, trying to go to work, trying to get our lucnh, in a short space of time, trying to get shopping done, or to deposit money at the bank and shoving in front of people and being rude and obnoxious just isn’t nice.

Maybe it’s a weird British thing, maybe I am too uptight, but when I have stood in a queue in the rain, at a bus stop for 15 minutes, with a child that is getting cold, grumpy and a bit vocal, and the bus arrives, and a man who arrived at the bus stop as the bus arrives decides to shove his way past everyone to get on first, I loose my cool and love of my fellow man.

QUEUE. It’s a word and an action, helps us all live a bit more peaceably. Wait your turn people, you aren’t the only one in the line!

That’s my Friday Rant. Got one of your own? Add it in the comment section, or share it on your blog and we can all sympathise!

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