What we’re reading this week.

This week, it’s a brief post from me, as it has been a manic few days, and life has got in the way, a bit recently, and whilst I LOVE to read, and we read with the children, a lot, and encourage reading, this week, I have barely had a chance to pick up a book much less open and read it.

However, I am hoping to make a start on two. A non fiction and a fiction.

The non fiction


Raising a Sensory Smart Child

Something I have not discussed much, because it is not a severe diagnosis but something we have been dealing with, with Little Man, is that he has some sensory issues, diagnosed both before and after his grommet operation last year. Since his operation, he has come on in leaps and bounds, in learning how to cope with things that other people don’t notice or worry about, but he still struggles with a few things, that can occasionally throw an extra challenge into life,  and this book was recommended to me, by the OT that is going to be working with him, at school for some sessions. As I struggle with many of the same issues as he does, I think it will be interesting to read from my point of view too. It has some good reviews on Amazon, and is apparently very practical and sensible, without being “doom and gloom” so I am looking forward to getting into it and seeing if there is anything helpful for us/school in it.

The Fiction

 A Hebridean Omnibus

My mother gave me a copy of the first in this series of books, by Lillian Beckwith, when I was a teenager. Sadly, the copy is so fragile now, that I cannot read it, and it is very treasured, as it was one of the last things she gave me before she died. She loved the stories, and I am very excited to have all of the books in one, to read and enjoy. It’s set on a Hebridean Island, and is funny, sad, and realistic, about life as an outsider, living amongst the locals on a small, out of the way island.  It should prove a lighter read than my non fiction choice.

I will let you know what I think of both books, next week, now to find some peace, quiet and reading time. Wish me luck! 🙂

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