What I’m reading this week…

This week has been challenging, with lots of things going on, both at home and in other areas of our lives, a stomach bug has made 1/2 term less fun for certain household members and it’s not all gone as planned. 

However, I have had some light relief, and am enjoying these books, by the lovely Michelle Read


Sometimes the past can be your future.

Emily Case is a lonely woman. No family, few friends, job she hates and is single. Life is one long struggle for her.

Then one morning she wakes up two hundred years in the past and her whole world is turned upside down, as she is faced with a new era she knows nothing about. However, she soon becomes attached to her new lifestyle and the people in it.

On meeting William Chester, owner of the Westfield Estate, Emily quickly falls for him, and believes he feels the same, until she is threatened by a rival for his affections.

But when she realises this life is all she’s ever wanted she is torn away from it and back to her life two hundred years into the future.

Not willing to accept that the twenty-first-century is where her destiny lies she endeavours to seek out the truth of the life she led in the nineteenth-century.

What will she discover on her journey? Was it reality or all just a dream?

The first book is all about her adventures in her new life, in the past, and the second book, which I am about to start, is about her marriage to her dashing new love, still 200 years in the past….

If you like Jane Austen type stories, but don’t want something as heavy (I love Jane Austen, wrote my English A level papers on her books, but sometimes her books are not that easy to read) then you will love these. They’re funny, descriptive and romantic and just what you need to curl up and get into, with a cup of what you fancy and some peace & quiet (which I haven’t had much of this week, hence why I am only just finishing book 1) 

So, that’s what I am reading this week. Next week I am going to be sharing on why we like and read Enid Blyton, despite of some of the bad press her books have recieved…

What are you reading this week?


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