What I am reading this week….

This week’s reading selection is a bit random and eclectic…

I am reading a book on teaching children to swim. Little Man has only just built up enough confidence to feel happy in water, at aged 4.5, due to his ear issues, which have meant swimming was something we avoided because it distressed him so much. Now he is happy to be in the water, in a pool, I want to work on some basics with him, before we start swimming lessons in January. I can swim, pretty well, and Big Girl is an excellent swimmer, having had lessons since she was teeny, but this is new territory for me, building up a child’s confidence, and helping them learn basics in water. I am enjoying it so far. I feel swimming is a vital skill all children should master the basics of, hence why we make so much effort to ensure our children learn.  The book is a wee bit patronizing in parts, but because we are “starting from scratch” and working on teaching him so very basic skills and how to handle himself in water, as well as some strokes, whilst trying to keep it gentle and fun, I think it will be very helpful. So far we have done two sessions in the water using the techniques from the book, and it’s going well. I would recommend it. Teach Your Child to Swim the Gentle Way (we are using the Kindle Version, the paperback version is a bit pricey, although there is a copy in my local library, I noticed, when I was looking) 

We are also reading Topsy & Tim Learn to Swim. Small Boy LOVES the series on CBeebies based on Topsy & Tim, and I saw this book in the library and thought he might like it, so picked it out for him, and he is enjoying reading about how they learned to swim, and it’s helpful for him, to relate to what they are doing, as he also learns. We love reading about Topsy & Tim and what they get up to, the books are easy to read, with great pictures that appeal to young readers and they are fun, and enjoyable. I may be ordering a few more of their books for Little Man for Christmas to take on our flight, when we go away on holiday. 

So that’s our watery reading list for this week. What are you reading? 


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