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This week I wanted to share about a series of lovely books I have read, and starting a new one…

I had actually read the first book, in the series, before we went on holiday, to France, this past summer, but when we were away, the owners of the gite, where we stayed, had copies of the other books, which I have also now downloaded to my iPad to read again. I think one of the reasons I originally chose to read the books was the pen name of the author Tottie Limejuice, for some reason, that appealled to me, and I grabbed her book, in the shop and when I read it I really enjoyed it. The series of 3 books is about Tottie’s life as she takes herself and her elderly, frail mother to live in France, to try and get a better quality of life and care, for her mother, after awful experiences in England. The opening phrase when I bought the book sums it up beautifully…

“What happens when dementia, depressed dipsomania and downright dottiness decide to uproot from the UK and move to France together…”

Tottie writes about the travel to France, in her Sell the Pig series, the highs and lows of living in France, managing life with her mother, medical care, her brother, housing, and all the things that come with a move to a new country with such a great sense of humour but also realistically. Some of her descriptions when I read the books on holiday, at night, made me laugh out loud and wake up LSH. There are some sad bits along the way, but I really feel like she brings out characters so well, and describes life and people in such an interesting, truthful and humouros way, you can’t help but keep reading. There are three books in the series, chronicallcalling the move, finding medical care for her mother, living with her brother, who has mental health issues, and general life in the Auvergne Valley region of France, which is an area we have started to get to know and love (I even recognise some of the places she talks about, and some of the people!) 


I think if you want something to make you laugh, but also to enjoy, that’s not too light, but is also easy to read, and to learn a bit  about life in rural France, with a candid viewpoint, then this is a perfect series of books. I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books, Sell the Pig, Is that the Billinge Lump?  and Mother was it worth it? I have just started reading a new book, which is a collaboration between Tottie and two friends, written by Jill Pennington and Janet Holt called Take Three Birds, the tale of them meeting each other, after getting to know each other on the internet. I am on chapter 1 and enjoying it so far…

So, that’s what I am reading this week. We fly to Thailand in three weeks, I will be looking for some input on books for me, and for the children, to keep us occupied on the flight/travelling!

What are you reading? 


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