Today I am a bad parent because…

I have started a new series of blog posts. I am FED up of the way parents, and actually mothers, to be honest, are put under so much pressure, to be perfect and to have this parenting thing under control and be able to do it all, and the constant judgement we are under. This parenting job is HARD, we get no training, we don’t get paid, and we do it because we want to aned love our children. Sometimes we don’t get it right, sometimes we get it more than right. We are all mostly just trying to do our best. I am tired of the “how to be a perfect wife, mother, craft provider, cleaning lady, cook…” stuff that gets flung at us every day. We need to take the guilt and throw it away and enjoy parenting, but also be able to admit when it’s not going so well, or might be a bit tough…

badparentI have failed to be creative and I am not bothered, nor do I feel guilty about it. 

This is our “Advent Jar”….

Advent Jar

We normally have an Advent Calendar, a rather pretty one, that I slot chocolate coins into (because Small Boy can’t eat the chocolate in normal ones you buy off the shelf in the shop) but this year, I can’t find it. I have looked where it SHOULD be, and it isn’t there. I COULD get another one, but the one we have, which I am sure will turn up after Christmas, was rather expensive, so I would rather not replace it, yet, or I could cruise Pinterest and come up with creative ideas for an alternative, or spend time hunting down a dairy free one, or even just a paper one, for the kids to open (actually, finding one that is just plain with nothing in it, is almost impossible, I looked, last year) but do you know what? I am tired, I have an extremely full plate, right now, with a lot going on, and life is a bit crazy and a teeny bit stressful. We are counting down to our long awaited grand adventure in Bangkok, and I have a million things to sort out, between now and then, and hunting down a replacement calendar is just not happening. Probably a horrible parent moment, but frankly, I DON’T CARE. The children so far, have not been damaged by the absence of the calendar, and happily have a coin from the jar each day and count the days til we go and then til Christmas. 

Maybe it will take off, and I could start a money spinner alternative and parents everywhere will want to buy my idea? Or maybe not… It’s working for us this year, hopefully I will track down our proper calendar next year…. 😉

That’s my bad parent confession this week. What’s yours? Feel free to share, and I will be passing out Gin & Tonic, or a tipple of your choice, when bedtime is over! 


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