This girl…..


Is 8 years old today. She told me I was allowed to write her a blog post, for her birthday.

It seems like yesterday that she was just born, and we brought her home from the hospital, a tiny, helpless, squishy newborn, who we were apparently now fully responsible for. I am pretty sure we looked at her, then at each other a few times, over the course of those first few days and thought “now what do we do…?”

She’s now 8, and getting oh so grown up.
She’s kind, gentle, caring, clever, compassionate and concerned for those around her, she’s creative, and funny, occasionally I catch a glimpse of the adult she may become and I catch my breath at the potential and my heart is full of love, and also a slight ache, too that she is growing up so fast.
Don’t grow up too fast, my girl, your mum is struggling to keep up.

Happy Birthday, we love you. Here’s to many, many more….

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