Name 3 things…?

I thought it would be fun to start of 2015 with a light hearted (most of the time) linky or blog sharing attempt. Anyone can join in and if you don’t have a blog you can share on your Facebook or social media instead.

imageThe rules are simple and few:

I will come up with a suggested theme for the week and name my own three things within that theme, then I will post and share. I might tag a few people too to get things going. You do the same, on whatever platform you want. If we get enough interest, I will make it a regularly linky. You can add your link at the bottom to you page or blog post.

This week it’s easy!

Name three songs that make you happy. You can add You Tube vidoes as long as there are no copyright issues and tell me a bit about why you like them. I will let you know what next week’s them is, at the end of the week so you can do some thinking!

My songs are….

Postcards by James Blunt – because I like his music, and also it’s romantic, LSH likes it too. We often play it in the car, and the kids sing along or at home, and we dance around like mad fools, Little Man now wants a ukele for his birthday, I blame this song for that! 

It’s a kind of Magic by Queen. I love Queen, I have always been a huge fan, my kids know the lyrics to a lot of their songs and this one just makes me smile, and sing along. It can cheer you up, I promise. This is the longer, live verson, because Freddie Mercury in action on stage…

Best Song Ever by One Direction – yes I know, really! Why? Because my 8 year old loves it and if she is grumpy and I put it on, and attempt to sing and dance to it, it usually makes her laugh, and cheers her up and that makes me happy. The fact that they look about 12 and make me feel old is neither here nor there….

So, can you name three songs that make you happy, or cheer you up? Go ahead and link up and share. I look forward to seeing what people choose! 

Feel free to copy the image (I will come up with a better one to share or use your own image) 

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