What I’m reading this week….

Actually, this blog post is more like “what I read whilst on holiday, and decided to act on, when I got home….”

I feel like our home is untidy, disorganised and cluttered. Two small children with lots of toys, and two adults with not a lot of time in their busy lives for tidying up, means that sometimes our house is a mess and there seems to be a lot of stuff everywhere. I am actually a non clutter person, I hate lots of stuff around, apart from the fact that cleaning and tidying said stuff is a huge pain, so I get twitchy and irritable when I feel my home is chaotic, cluttered and messy.

So, when someone said I should read this book, I thought I would get it to read on the plane and see what I thought…

I have to say, when I first started reading this book, I felt a bit depressed, because she summed up how I feel about our home, and the state of the clutter and chaos, but honestly, once I got into it, and started to see how easy it can be to declutter, tidy, then implenemt easy to use systems for keeping things tidy, and helping my family to keep to a system and keep tidy, and minimise clutter, I felt better. She even has suggestions for how to fold clothes, to maximise space in your drawers and wardrobes. She is a Japanese cleaning consultant, and she KNOWS her stuff. I have always admired the simplicity and lack of clutter in the homes of friends from Japan, and from what you see on TV and in the media, so it really apeals to me, to try and implement some of her methods. I don’t think our home will ever be as immaculate and ordered as she herself would like it, but I plan to put in place a lot of her suggestions. First of all we will be having a huge tidy up and de clutter then we will be sticking to a new routine for keeping the place tidy. LSH and the children are slightly nervous, but I am pretty sure once I get them on board and they realise that a tidy and clutter free house means a less grumpy Mummy and wife they might feel more a bit enthusiastic about it.

I would defintaly recommend this, if the mess in your home is driving you mad. She is pretty blunt and tough though, so don’t expect to be allowed to hoard that collection of knitted doilies that you have had for 20 years… πŸ˜‰ 

What are you reading this week?


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