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I thought it would be fun to start of 2015 with a light hearted (most of the time) linky or blog sharing attempt. Anyone can join in and if you don’t have a blog you can share on your Facebook or social media instead.

The rules are simple and few:

I will come up with a suggested theme for the week and name my own three things within that theme, then I will post and share. I might tag a few people too to get things going. You do the same, on whatever platform you want. You can add your link at the bottom to you page or blog post.

image(I am working on a new image, this week, it’s almost done, will be ready next week, but feel free to use your own image if you prefer!) 

Thank you to those who linked up last week. I loved the choices. I acutally went and pulled some of them down to my Spotify account to listen to! πŸ˜‰ Thanks to Sarah from Let Them Be Small , Lucy from A Mummy’s Life and Ali from My Life My Love for sharing. 

This week it’s a slightly emotional theme. Name 3 movies that you like to watch, but that make you cry and tell us why?

Mine are a bit random but are sure fire ways to get the tears flowing for me. I am not a big lover of mushy, emotional movies, but these three really touch me and I don’t watch them often, because I feel a bit sad afterwards, and usually have to reach for a huge bar of chocolate to cheer myself up! πŸ˜‰

Here we go:

Steel Magnolias – The Scene where Melinda breaks down after loosing her daughter, at the funeral, for some reason breaks my heart. I lost my own mother, aged 18, so know what raw grief feels like, but also cannot imagine ever loosing one of my own children, so this scene is very emotive. You can also see what an excellent actor Sally Fields really is, and believe she is feeling all the emotions she’s acting, and then of course it ends on a funny note, which makes it easier to watch. 

My next choice is a Disney Movie, Tangled – The scene where Rapunzel is reunited with her parents. I sob like a baby every time, and my children think it’s rather bizarre. I think being a parent has definitely influenced my movie choices as I get older…

My last one – City Of Angels. I honestly can’t listen to the song or watch the movie without tears. 



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  1. Totally with you on City Of Angels…my friend got so upset at the cinema she was a worse crying mess than me and that’s pretty hard to achieve!

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