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I thought it would be fun to start of 2015 with a light hearted (most of the time) linky or blog sharing attempt. Anyone can join in and if you don’t have a blog you can share on your Facebook or social media instead.

imageWe have had little or no wifi or internet this week so I haven’t been able to work on the nice image I have in mind, it should be ready next week. Feel free to use this one or your own.


The rules are simple and few:

I will come up with a suggested theme for the week and name my own three things within that theme, then I will post and share. I might tag a few people too to get things going. You do the same, on whatever platform you want. You can add your link at the bottom to you page or blog post. Name 3 things? 

Last week we had sad movies, and I can tell you I shed a few tears reading the movies that other bloggers shared, and may have had to reach for the Kleenex. LSH wondered why I was crying into my keyboard as I was reading blog posts! Thank you for linking up.

This week, the challenge is to name 3 things that are essential to your day. They can be anything, big, small, technical, animal, mineral, vegetable or even a person. I am looking forward to hearing what things people come up with.

My three things are:

My iPhone.

I know, that’s very lame, but it really does contain the whole of my life, from e-mail to admin, to contacts, to do lists, apps that I use for almost every aspect of life, and I do feel entirely lost without it. I tried a week without it last year, and hated it. I love my phone.

My morning cup of coffee.

I am VERY spoiled. LSH makes me coffee every morning, unless he is away (and then I reach for my trusty Tassimo machine, to keep me going) and it gets my day started. I love my first cup of coffee, and getting the day started. Occasionally it might get cold if I am running around getting the kids ready, but it still gets consumed, with joy. MY children will joke and it’s called “Mummy’s happy juice” as to how grumpy I am until I have had had my morning cuppa.

My contact lenses.

That sounds very odd, but I am very, very short sighted and cannot see a thing without glasses or lenses, and I wear special lenses you can sleep in and wear for 3 weeks in a row, night and day, I LOVE them, and it is amazing to be able to see when I wake up, and not face a big blurry world and I can even swim in them, so they make a huge difference to my life. I am currently waiting for my next pack to arrive and will probably hug the postman when they do! 

So those are my essentials for every day. What are yours? 


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  1. Those contact lenses sound brilliant, my eyes are so sensitive I have to be a specky four eyes! Looking forward to reading other people’s essentials too 🙂

    p.s. Managed to link-up using the trouble linking thingy as it still won’t let me paste my link direct onto this page. Naughty bloggy!

  2. I’ve not got a post to add this week but will try and join in next week. Have you thought of the prompt yet so I can get my thinking cap on? As for my 3 essential things (as I commented on Lisa’s blog) – Tea (green for me please), my animals as they are my raison d‘être and my computer so I can blog and write (keeps me sane).

    • Thank you. I was thinking of either 3 foods you absolutely hate and why or 3 famous people you had a crush on when you were a teenager, I can’t decide. Will let you know tomorrow?

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