Dear People of Facebook – Friday’s Rant from the SoapBox in MY Living Room!


Dear People of Facebook, on my friends list…. (yes, she’s on about Facebook again!!) 

Please stop inviting me to Facebook events that are in an entirely different time zone to me. You are my friends, I cherish our friendship, but I am NOT getting up at 2am UK time to join in something you are hosting on the other side of the world. 

Please stop adding me to your weight loss product groups, false nail groups, or anything else you are selling. Yes, you have the right to own a business, I am delighted you are making some cash by selling stuff but I don’t wear fake nails, I don’t do diet pills, potions or extreme exercise and I don’t want to be added to groups where my feed gets even more clogged up with stuff. Same goes for events, see above. Please don’t be offended if I remove myself from your groups, it’s not personal, I am just not interested. I will click on the “don’t allow me to be added again” thing, so you can’t keep adding me.

Please stop inviting me to real life events that are 1000 of miles away, at a week’s notice, then getting huffy when I politely point out that a) it’s short notice, and b) it’s a bit far for me to just drop everything and arrive. 

Please stop sharing the “like this and share if you have a daughter, son, cat, dog, goldfish, mother, donkey, husband, sister, brother, annoying mother in law…” stuff. I have a husband, cats, children, various pets, lots of family members and I don’t need to share a soppy photo on Facebook to share my love for them. Also, I won’t ever like or share a “if you really care about x cause, click like and share” photos, so please STOP tagging me in them! 

Please do check you facts before sharing articles on Facebook with “Must read this, it will change your life” because a lot of the time, it’s a lot of old twaddle.

If you happen to share anything positive or supportive about Nigel Farage, UKIP or their ilk, it is likely I will unfriend and block you! 

Rude posts about Michael Gove, however are actively encouraged πŸ˜‰ 

Here endeth my rant for the week. You have been warned. 

Ranty Friday
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  1. Damn right. And games that I have no time to ever think about playing. I actually hate FB full stop but love the groups and all the pics I have on it but other than that it gets in my wick big time

  2. Yes! thank you – it needed saying and sadly seems to need saying on a regular basis! Please add to it that I’m not going to give you life in some poxy time wasting game! (cos then I’d have to admit to playing it and shoot myself!)

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