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So I wasn’t going to have a rant this week, but I was so horrified this morning, when I bought a train ticket, that I felt compelled to vent on my blog… What was so shocking that I had to come and rant to you all? 

I took the children and a friend into London today. We trotted off to Richmond station and because we had decided that using the underground was the fastest way to get to where we wanted to go, I went to the self service machine to get a ticket. I asked for a Zone 1-4 one day travel-card. When the machine told me it was £12, I thought I had made an error, so tried again. It said the same, so I assumed I was being an idiot and went to the counter to ask someone to sell me a ticket for the right price. I was then informed that it was indeed £12! £12 for a one day travel-card, so we can use the underground to get around London. I was horrified, and still am. 


The price has gone from £8.90 to £12 since last year (heck, I remember when it was £3.70, in the dark ages when I arrived in London, oh so  many years ago… Now I sound like my grandmother!) What makes matters worse, is that if I had used my brains, I could have simply topped up my Oyster card and spent half that amount, but we were in a hurry so I wasn’t thinking and because stupidly, Richmond Station refuses to cater to Oyster card users other than at the self service machines, the man behind the counter didn’t feel he needed to tell me there was a cheaper option. Thanks for that, Richmond Station and TFL.


How can TFL and the powers that be justify £12 for a ticket? Two adults travelling would be £24. That’s extortionate and ridiculous. You can no longer get a separate 1-4 or 1-6 ticket any more, either, so I am paying for using zones I won’t travel in. 

It’s crazy. I love my city, I love travelling around London, but at that price, it won’t be happening often. I haven’t travelled into the city since before Christmas, I guess I was the last to know about the outrageous price hike… I can’t be the only one that is horrified? 

I am off to sell a kidney or a cat on eBay now to recoup the costs. Only kidding, I promise! 


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  1. WOW! That’s crazy expensive, I haven’t been to London in years and really fancy heading back down there to do some of the sight seeing. However at that price plus train tickets it won’t be happening any time soon.

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