Name 3 Things… 3 Indulgences?

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Welcome back after the 1/2 term break. This week’s Name 3 Things is about indulgence. I will share 3 Things that are special treats and add a bit of luxury to my life, and you can add yours…

1. Good chocolate. I am not averse to munching a Crunchie or a bar of Dairy Milk, but my real treat is really, really good chocolate. We are very lucky to have two very nice chocolate shops near to where I live, one of them being William Curley’s Richmond shop. I will go and treat myself to a small coffee and one of his creations, or bring back two, in a bag, hide them, and then LSH and I enjoy a treat when the children are in bed. (Although to be honest, the staff in the shop are so lovely, they will often give the children a taster of something, when we visit, so the kids are learning to appreciate the finer side of chocolate too! πŸ˜‰ ) There is something special about proper chocolate, or a beautifully made chocolate creation. 


2. Chanel Number 5. I have worn this since I was 18. My mother told me, when I was 16,  it was too “grown up” for me, but because I am a total rebel and will usually go out of my way to do something that I am told I can’t or shouldn’t, I bought myself a bottle anyway, and have worn it ever since. You might find me in my oldest, scruffiest clothes, with my hair looking wild, but I will always smell nice, and it makes me feel like a grown up, on even the worst days. 


3. Really good, expensive underwear. No, there are no pictures of me in my smalls, so don’t panic. I have always gone with the rule my Nana taught me that your underwear had to be clean, matching and as nice as you could afford, because even though no one can see it, you know you are wearing your best, and if you do have to go to the doctor, you won’t be ashamed! πŸ™‚ I don’t buy lots, but what I do buy is always the better brands and makes me feel comfortable and well dressed even if I am slouching about at home….

So those are my 3 Indulgences. What are yours? 


Next Week’s Name 3 Things will be “Name 3 things you are sentimental about, or collect”. 

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  1. 1) A bath – i usually shower. My last bath was in 2013. My sons gave me bath creme for Christmas so I carefully planned 20 mins wallowing. I’d only been sat down for 4 mins before my youngest son appeared bath-side and announced he was getting in too!

    2) White truffle – once a year for my birthday I have a white truffle imported from Alba. It costs about the same as a nice restaurant meal and as I virtually never get to eat out, this is my compensation. It smells and tastes exquisite and makes me very, very happy.

    3) Mum’s hour-off – once a week my husband makes breakfast for the children so after i have fed the baby I can go back to sleep. That hour being completely off duty and fast asleep on my pillow is currently my greatest luxury.

    • Lol Nina, the only time I bath alone is if I plan it for the dead of night, when everyone is asleep or if I have had a strop and insisted the children are removed from the house so I can wash my hair without one of them getting in the bath to play “lets wash Mummy’s hair and try and drown her”. Even then one of the cats will try and come and join me or sit on the bath edge staring at me! πŸ˜‰ Dry shampoo is my best friend. I have never had a white truffle, maybe I should try one this year too?

  2. Proper chocolate, lovely πŸ™‚

    I like Nina’s truffle indulgence, sounds very exotic πŸ™‚

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