I voted today

Today, like millions of others, I have the right to vote. I am very lucky to have this right. Many people fought for me to have this right. People in other places don’t or can’t vote. I think if you can vote, you should.  

 This time, my 6th  general election as an adult, I’ve felt confused, depressed and not entirely sure who to actually vote for. All the other times I’ve had a pretty good idea and gone with my choice. Today, I went to vote, early this morning, before the school run, with my curious children in tow (“do you get to be in charge of the country, Mummy?” Why do you need to vote?”) and chose an underdog party. I can’t in all good conscience say I agree with all of their values but I couldn’t put my X next to any of the “big 3” that are more likely to gain enough majority to win. I’ve read, I’ve watched programmes, I’ve been bombarded with passionate and sometimes factual, sometimes repeated rhetoric, and mostly what seems to me as unrealistic, empty promises,  on social media and I still couldn’t decide. I don’t think our current party has done anything good for ordinary, average people in this country, the prospect of another 4 years of them horrifies me, but I don’t trust the other parties to do much good for my country, its citizens or my family either. 

So, I went and voted, it’s my “right”. My cross on a piece of paper will be counted. I don’t think my vote will do much or make much difference. 

Feels a bit sad, really. 

Did you vote? Were you very decided and knew who your choice was? Or like me, were you undecided? 

And no, of course I didn’t vote for UKIP! 😉

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  1. Doing it after the school run (important my kids see me do it every time, i feel). A simple vote would not be easy as I’m split between numerous parties on different issues; I cant back any of them even half-heartedly, apart from in a tactical capacity, so that is what Im going for; a tactical X in a box.

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