Juggling all the balls…

I think I remember feeling like this, last year, at this time. Tired, counting down the days til the summer holidays, feeling anxious because I have  A LOT OF THINGS TO DO, but unless I become Mary Poppins or hire a personal assistant, getting it all done seems like an impossible task.

LSH’s parents arrive on Wednesday, for a visit. They aren’t staying with us, because we don’t have enough space, but I still need to get the house tidy and clean (read shove everything into our tiny spare room, close the door and hope no one opens it and gets injured when things fall on them) and plan around them being here. 

I also am trying to launch a charity related to the work I do with the groups I run. I had NO idea that starting a charity was such a huge thing, naively I thought it would be relatively easy, and of course it isn’t. Paperwork, policies, procedures, paperwork, fundraising, paperwork, meetings, setting up websites… My head may explode. It will be amazing when it is actually up and running, but for now, it’s all that is in my head, other than making sure the children are fed, clothed and get to where they need to be each day in relatively good time. Not to mention fitting in a knee operation in there somewhere, in all of the chaos…

I feel like I am juggling a lot of balls, and that I can’t drop any of them. The blog is being neglected, because I simply just can’t fit it in. I hate that. I love my little corner of the blogosphere, but right now, it’s in a sort of stasis. 

It will all ease. In a few weeks time, the children will be on holiday, I will have stopped work for the summer, I will have some documents ready to be submitted. I will be able to breathe a bit, and concentrate on more than one thing at a time. 

I have decided I won’t be joining any link ups, for a few weeks. I love the regular little group of them, that I join, weekly, but I need to ease pressure on myself. 

I need to make it through the next few weeks without loosing the plot entirely. I am having to put some of the balls I am juggling down, whilst I handle the ones that need to be dealt with, and then thrown off to someone else to deal with. 

So, the blog will go a little quiet for a few weeks. I have some review posts, and of course will be continuing to promote and share about SuperSquish and a few other things, but for now, the long list of posts and articles I want to share will have to wait. 

I’ll be back… 


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  1. Enjoy the rest! I’ve got a blog-hiatus planned in July / August and, much as I love blogging, I am looking forward to having a complete break from the blog and social media. Sometimes you just need to switch off and get on with other stuff.

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