SuperSquish helpful videos and some answered questions…


As you know, we are delighted to be working with and sharing about SuperSquish reusable food pouches, which are great for weaning babies, for toddlers and for lunchboxes and travelling. You can fill them with your own home made purees or add ready made smoothies and blended food to them. They are tough, durable, but easy to use and store. We love them.


We wanted to share some more information on the pouches, and also answer some questions that have come in about them.

You can, of course, head on over to SuperSquish, and check out all their information, and some great recipe ideas, too.

I have been asked:

How much does SuperSquish hold? Emma, from SuperSquish, says in her FAQ section that the pouches hold 150ml of puree or smoothie. If you are going to freeze them, then make that slightly less, about 130ml, as if you remember your physics lessons from school, when a liquid freezes it expands and takes up more space. You don’t want to over fill a pouch you intend to freeze.

Are they easy to fill? Yes. I hold mine over a small plastic bowl or jug, because frankly, I am a bit clumsy and not very co ordinated, but my 8 year old has managed to fill her own pouches with smoothie I made, without spilling any, so they are pretty user friendly. Just make sure you have the lid on the bottom, firmly in place, before you fill it, or it can get a bit messy (I did that the first time, I was so excited to use it!)

Are they easy to clean? Yes, you can either wash them in hot, soapy water, by hand, and I find a rinse first, after they have been used, under the tap, with the lid off and whole pouch open, helps, before washing, or you can put them in the dishwasher on a normal cycle. Sometimes the lids need a little extra scrub, but I find  a soak in warm water or a cycle in the dishwasher gets them clean and useable.

Can I sterilise the pouches? Yes, you can use Milton tablets in cold water (or similar brands) and they can be steam sterilised safely either in an electric steriliser or one that goes in the microwave. 

Are the pouches strong? I don’t need to answer that one, you can watch SuperSquish being tested….my children watched this video and immediately also wanted to put the pouches to the test. Mean Mummy, that I am, I wouldn’t let them! πŸ˜‰

You can go to the FAQ section to get more answers, or you can ping them a message over on Twitter or their Facebook page too.

You can also read about weaning, and some thoughts and ideas here

So, hopefully that has answered a few questions, or pointed you in the right direction on how to use your SuperSquish pouches and to get the best out of them. Don’t forget we have a great giveaway post where you can win a set of pouches, if you haven’t entered, go along now and click to find out how.


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