Friday’s Rant from the Soapbox: Dear fellow parent…

I saw you in school a week ago, from a distance, I could see you were talking, or rather, it looked like you were angrily shouting, at our class teacher. I got closer, because I was coming to collect my own child, waiting in the line at the end of the day.

As I arrive, you are at the tail end of the “conversation”. I overheard most of that bit, in fact, I think the whole playground did. 

You were cross, and you were letting the teacher know. 

Why were you cross? 

Because apparently, you had chosen a rather expensive item of clothing for your child, and had sent him into school with it and he had managed to loose this item. This item cost what I would consider a ridiculous amount of money for a child to wear to school, but seeing as it’s not my money, I guess it’s not my problem, really. However, I did decide that you yelling at the teacher, because the item was lost, was my problem because, frankly, I think your behaviour was disgusting. 

You see, when you send your child into school wearing a coat that cost more than my weekly grocery budget, and he misplaces it, and you decide to yell abuse at his teacher, because apparently not only is she now a teacher, she’s your almost nine year old’s personal caretaker as well, and somehow she’s responsible for the fact that your son has been careless with his possessions, I am going to step in, and I am going to point out that not only are you lacking in common sense for sending a child into school with said expensive item, but that you are appallingly rude. I am going to tell you that it’s not the teachers fault that your son is careless, and I am going to ask you to stop yelling at the teacher. I’m going to stand there, and politely ask you to not yell at another adult, in front of a group of children, and I will stand there until you huffily walk away… Apparently said expensive item was found the next day, abandoned in a playing field, at school, where your child had left it whilst playing football at break time. I’m assuming you still haven’t apologised to the teacher for your rude behaviour, I did though, because I was ashamed that an adult would treat another adult that way. I hope next time you are angry because you lack common sense and manners, you’ll think twice, sadly, I doubt you will…

It’s not often I judge or get angry to the point of saying something to a fellow parent but occasionally I do. Last week, I saw red… If a parent wants to spend a lot of money on items their children take to school, that’s fine with me, but they need to accept that school is a place where stuff gets lost, misplaced or damaged and take ownership of their decisions, not shout at a tired, overworked, busy teacher who can’t be expected to keep track of the possessions of 30 kids in a class.

That was Friday’s Rant from the Soapbox in MY Living Room, feel free to comment or add your own. 

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  1. We don’t know why parents would send children to school in expensive clothes?!? They are only going to get ruined in the school yard while children play. We agree she shouldn’t have been having a go at the teacher! Poor teacher, shes probably got enough on her plate without that! Good rant! #PoCoLo

  2. Blimey! I don’t even buy myself super expensive stuff, but knowing how much I used to lose my coat (it was always my coat) at school there will be no way our little one will be getting something like that to just lose. Your rant is no doubt appreciated by all teachers and most reasonable parents everywhere.


  3. I never understood parents who buy their children expensive things. The kid doesn’t appreciate it, the other children don’t appreciate it, the only person who cares what your child is wearing is you.

  4. I find it silly why parents find it okay to send children to school in expensive clothes anyway? Id have no sympathy at all as they should have kept the nice clothes at home! – liked up from #effitfriday xx

  5. YES to all of that! I am a teacher by trade and that is unacceptable parent behavior! You teach your child by example more than anything so berating their educator is beyond low. Kudos for standing up to such rude behavior.

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