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Reading Challenge

We love reading, I am an avid reader, sadly, I often feel I don’t get enough time to read as many books as I would like anymore, but I do try to when I have time. We also encourage our children to read, by reading with them, to them, and now encouraging independent reading.

This summer, both children are taking part in the Record Breakers Summer Reading Challenge.

We thought it would be a good way to make reading even more fun, so we went off to our local library and got both children library cards (they were using our joint family one, but now with their own they can get out more books for themselves and means I can get more books for me on our card) and picked up the information we needed and a sticker chart, to keep track. Both children are excited and straight away chose a heap of books, which they are working their way through.

Our school is encouraging children to take part, too, with a reward incentive of a certificate, once the reading challenge is completed. A little healthy compettion, to encourage something so important, is not a bad thing, I don’t think.

Reading is such an important thing to encourage, so we have also invested in a Kindle, for Emily. She doesn’t know yet, we are going to give it to her before we go on holiday. Whilst I want to encourage both my children to love and read REAL books, we thought a Kindle would be good for her, she reads very fast, and goes through up to 2 books a week, like her mother used to, at her age, (she is currently reading through the Horrid Henry series) and being able to download books on the Kindle is helpful, and the books take up much less space, which will be handy for the holidays. Less packing! 😉

We are looking forward to a book filled summer, encouraging a love of reading, using imagination, and discovering the world through books…

What are you reading?



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