This post is sponsored by…

Actually, it’s not sponsored by anything. Unlike all my other social media feeds.

Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook? I’m seeing sponsored posts, promotional posts, adverts or rather insidiously “you might like this?” Coming my way. 

I hate it. I hate that my lovely social networks are becoming like a TV channel riddled with adverts and promotional posts. I like being social. I like sharing and seeing snippets of other people’s lives (I’m nosey!) but I don’t want sponsored nonsense…

I can’t be alone in not liking it? I know we have no choice, it’s here to stay. I wish we could opt out, but that seems to be the option not available… It’s annoying. 

That was my Friday Rant, from MY Soapbox in my living room… Have a lovely weekend! 


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  1. I don’t like the fact that behind the sponsored post is some computo-bot who knows exactly what I’ve just been looking at on amazon or google – totally freaks me out. I find targeted ads can be quite offensive too, especially if you need to lose a bit of weight and loads of sponsored ads come up on weight loss. Sends me all grrrrrrr too #effitfriday

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