Mini Creations

We are delighted to be hosting Mini Creations for a spell. If you linked up to KidGLloves to share your children’s crafting creativity, or you are new to Mini Creations and just want to share some amazing things that your kids have produced this week. This is the perfect link up for that.

Kids does your Mum complain if you bring amazing art work home you made at nursery or school? Does your Dad put on a fake smile at the rocket ship with extra engines cleverly made out of loo roll? Do they roll their eyes at the spectacular playground you made from a cereal box? Have they run out of space on the fridge for your artwork? Then here is the linky for them…We are also happy to see crafting ideas your parents might want to share, reviews of things children and parents might love to help them get more creative or even recipes. Go wild, let loose and share. 

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I am going to let you in on a little secret, that you might already know, if you read our blog, but if you don’t, and this is new to you, please don’t be too shocked… 😉 

I am NOT creative, at all. I am awful at crafts, making things, and all that stuff. Thankfully my lovely children have not inherited this flaw and LOVE creating, crafting and making things. I have to try and keep up, find things that they like, and pretend to know what I am doing when I help them. Mostly, I just admire what they produce. They are 5 and almost 9, so they get up to all sorts of crafting creativity, from plain old playdough to painting, to Lego sculptures that take over the bedroom…

Emily has mastered the art of making things out of paper. She will happily spend hours making things out of sheets of paper. Give her some A4, some tape, some glue, and anything else she thinks she might want, and she will sculpt all sort of things. Her imagination astounds me, and I love seeing what she comes up with. The only problem we have is that the house can get over taken by her papery masterpieces, so we have to compromise on what gets kept and what gets recycled. Here you can see a rather marvelous hamster cage and play area that she whipped up, and said I could share with you all. I love that she can make such an amazing thing, with such detail…I think any hamster would be delighted in such an artistic home.

Emily Hamster cage collage

If you would like to link up a creative effort from your children, please grab the badge, click on the linky button, add away, then share on Facebook or Twitter. Use the tag #MiniCreations and ping me a tweet @MadCatsBabies and I will share and come and have a look at all the lovely things our children are making. 

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The linky will run until Tuesday at 9:30pm and will be back next Wednesday. 

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