Our week in photos – odd socks may send me over the edge…

 Welcome to our week in photos. Snippets of the chaos from our week. Usually there’s cake, coffee and a grumpy cat or two involved! 


This week’s collection includes:

Wearing normal shoes. I’ve only worn specially made for me orthopaedic trainers since April 2014, but after the knee procedure, seem to be able to wear nice, normal shoes a bit more. I have a wedding next weekend, I’m hoping to wear heels! 

Posh new pink bag…

Odd socks! Seriously the bane of my life. My son refuses to wear matching pairs. My head may explode! 

Grumpy cat. What would a week of our photos be without her? 

Serious concentration for French homework. He’s loving French club at school. Lots of words and phrases coming out! 

That tofu might look benign, but it was madly spicy. Cleared the last of the cold I’ve had lingering.

Celebrating International Coffee Day, of course! 

Slippers in the middle of the floor, I may have got cross about tripping over them, several time! 

Posh new scooter for a certain small boy! 

So that was our week. What have you been up to?  


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  1. I wear odd socks and it drives my husband bonkers. The tofu looks very nice, I never really know how to cook it!

  2. Great news about the shoes. Hope you get to wear those heels! My eldest always wears odd socks and my younger son leaves his socks in the middle of the floor! Daddy is always telling them off for leaving their shoes lying around.

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