Our week in photos – cooking, eating, beards…

Welcome to our week in photos. Snippets of the chaos from our week. Usually there’s cake, coffee and a grumpy cat or two involved!   

What we’ve been eating/baking:

Gingerbread loaf, slow cooked lamb (amazing!) grumpy cats who don’t like peanut butter on toast and the easiest but most delicious chocolate mousse…

What we’ve been up to: 

Violin practice, grade 1 exam coming soon. Small boy learning to cook (he made delicious scrambled eggs) and strange bearded men in my bathroom and a proud new Brownie Sixer…

Stuff from our week: 

Pipsy, our newly resident Chinese dwarf hamster. She’s settling in nicely. Star Trek style headphones I’m reviewing, glittery madness for a craft at playgroup and apparently this sign sums me up… ?

So that’s our week. What have you been up to? 

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