I miss being able to run…

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I’m not a professional runner, more of a hobby jogger. I don’t claim to have hit any major running milestones or targets. I don’t run to prove anything to anyone. (Yes, I know, I sound like a sports gear advert, I am getting to the point, I promise)

I love running, though. It’s my therapy. I hate group exercise, I’m not into exercise classes. I’ve tried Pilates and looked like a numpty so I stopped (and it didn’t really do it for me, to be honest) and I really don’t do going to the gym.

Running helps me clear my head. It releases stress, it gives me the ability to run the frustrations of the day off. A brisk jog of a couple of km after a long day really helped me, not just physically but psychologically. It’s good exercise for my body but my mind too, and believe me, my mind needs a lot of winding down…

I can’t run right now. I’ve had minor knee surgery. I’m not allowed to attempt impact exercise until January. I am having some issues with pain and sciatica which mean it  hurts to try, or I’d probably have broken the rules by now.

 I’m a bit frustrated. I hate not having that simple release. I’m not sure what I can replace it with? A punching bag maybe?

I miss being able to run…

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