It’s been a stupid week…

That’s a weird title for a blog post. I know. 

It’s been a stupid week. When I say stupid, I mean that stupid things have come my way to be dealt with, that frankly are stupid. People being unhelpful and stirring up trouble, people being selfish and or self righteous meaning other people have been upset or hurt. 

People have had opinions. That’s allowed, of course, but when those opinions are expressed and other people don’t take well to what’s been said, the mess to be cleaned up is just stupid. 

Complaints about trivial things, rude E-mails, over use of messaging services for childish tantrums. 

It’s been a stupid week. I’m done. I’ve metaphorically slapped a few hands, given a few serious talkings to several adults who should know better but have reverted to toddler behaviours and I’ve answered E-mails so diplomatically I even surprise myself. 

I’m over it. No more stupid please, at least not this week. 

That was my Friday Rant from the Soap box in my living room. You may resume normal service now…

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