12 Days of Parenting – Christmas baking with kids…

Welcome to 12 Days of Parenting – A series of blog posts by a lovely group of bloggers, leading up to Christmas, with all sorts of themes, tips and ideas to survive the festive season with small children in to as well as some great sponsored posts and giveaways.

  Jade, from Mummies Waiting shared her lovely Christmas treats so now it’s our turn… 

I’m not a crafty parent but I LOVE baking with my children and they enjoy it. 

Gingerbread biscuits are a very Christmassy thing, and perfect for making something nice to eat but also fun for the kids to decorate. 

I have to confess I didn’t make the dough, this time. I normally do, but it’s been a bit crazy round here, so when I spotted that our lovely local German bakery & deli shop had fresh dough on sale, I grabbed it, knowing it would be perfect for an afternoon’s baking and creative fun. 

However, if I am making gingerbread or dough for ginger biscuits I use this recipe. It makes a soft, chewy, traditional Lebkuchen biscuit, a traditional German treat. You can use gluten free flour, but you might need to adjust your flour ratio a bit to achieve the right texture of biscuit. 

They roll out beautifully (the dough works best from chilled) and bake in about 10-12 minutes. Once cooled let your decorating skills loose… This is a perfect Christmas activity and the biscuits make great gifts, or just something special for afternoon tea…    Laura from Life with Baby kicks is also baking, why not hop along to see. Also don’t forget to click the Rafflecopter link to enter to win some fabulous prizes. 


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