My dream kitchen

The kitchen and dining room in our home, are the hub of the house, for us. It’s where I spend a lot of time, and it’s a multi-functional room, in many ways. The way our house is laid out, it is the first room you walk into, and it’s a busy area too. It is one of my favorite spaces and I like it to reflect the atmosphere in our home (hopefully organised but also welcoming and nice to be in)

It has been a while since I revamped and updated our kitchen, and it is starting to feel a little dated, so I have started researching  what I want and how I would like the space to look. For me, it has to be practical, first of all, as well as looking nice. I love having a space for everything and minimal clutter, and plenty of surface space for baking, food prep, for a child to perch and do homework whilst I keep an eye on them, for someone to be able to sit and drink coffee, or a glass of wine, practical and function for family life but also stylish. I have been looking at kitchen and dining room ideas, and planning a new layout. 

At them moment we don’t have an “island space” space in our kitchen, but it is something I really would like to have to add extra surface space and functionality, as well as more storage to hold all my kitchen equipment. I love this look. I like the idea of natural materials combined with white and I  love the idea of light, airy, the impression of space, without being too cold. 

Heerlijke keuken met mooi eiland : Modern kitchen by Kabaz
My husband will tell you that I am slightly obsessed with pantry cupboards and storage, and having the perfect storage space. If I told you that this pantry storage makes my pulse race slightly, you would probably think I am being silly, but it does. 
Bespoke oak larder : Country style kitchen by Maple & Gray
I know some people prefer the more formal style of having a separate dining room, from the kitchen, but I really do like the idea of having my dining area in the same space as the kitchen. I love to be able to chat & interact with guests whilst I am cooking, or have my children sitting at the table eating their snacks or doing homework, whilst I am pottering away, and it makes it feel more home like to me. It doesn’t have to be too cluttered, and you can fit a beautiful table and chairs in a space but still be functional.  
Modern dining room by mlnp architects
Now I have my dream kitchen and dining room layout, I need to get working on making it a reality. 
*This post has been written in collaboration with Homify. Images used with permission*

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